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Can you tell more about FONTANEL?
How can I post a job on your job board?

Job listing

· For how long will my job post be listed?
· Where is my job post listed?
· Can I edit my company profile or job post?
· How many applications can I expect?
· How do I improve the quality of my job post?

· Help, I forgot my password!

· I can't get access to our company account?

What's the pricing of posting a job?

· Can I get a discount?
· What payment methods do you offer?

· I work for a recruitment agency

Can you tell me a bit more about FONTANEL?
FONTANEL celebrates Dutch creative culture since 2006. We're a small and passionate team of four people interviewing creatives, curating events and hosting a job board. More about us.

How can I post a job on your job board?
You can publish a job post here. If you don't have a company account, you'll be asked to create one first. After you’ve created a company profile, you can easily publish a job post from your dashboard. The dashboard is also where you can manage your company details, order history and republish expired job postings.

What's the pricing of posting a job?
One single job post is €300 ex VAT. Credit packs offer up to €100 discount per job post. Posting an internship €90 ex VAT.

Can I get a discount?
You sure can, when buying a credit pack you can save up to €1000. Credits never expire and can be used whenever you want. We offer three credit packs:

For full-time job ads:

For internship ads:

For how long will my job post be listed?
Both job posts and internships are listed for 60 days. Expired job posts are removed automatically. However, if you'd like to remove your job post sooner, you can do so from your dashboard. You can also extend your job post after expiration with just one click.

Where is my ad listed?
After posting your job, it will appear on our job board as well as on FONTANEL, attracting both active and passive candidates. We'll also publish your job post in our newsletter with over 2000 subscribers.

Can I edit my company profile or job post myself?
Yes you can. After logging in, you can edit any job post as well as your company profile, right from your dashboard.

Help, I forgot my password!
Breathe easy. You can request a new password right here.

A colleague who doesn't work with us anymore set up our account, how can I get access?
We're happy to help, just send us an email.

How many applications can I expect from my job post?
This depends on many things. Some companies receive 100+ applications, others just a handful. This mainly depends on timing, the demand for a position and the quality of the job post. 

How do I improve the quality of my job post?
As you can't influence timing nor demand, you can improve your job post. Start by adding your company logo and uploading a cover photo. Make sure the copy of your job post is personal, to the point and tailored specifically to your audience. Highlight what you have to offer and what differentiates you from others, be creative!

What payment methods do you offer?

Payments are charged by invoice. After posting your job, you automatically receive an email with an invoice (pdf) attached. We kindly ask you to fulfil your payment within 14 days.

I work for a recruitment agency, how does that work?
You can publish jobs yourself, just create a new company account for every different client, so job posts are always linked to the client you are recruiting for. Please get in touch for special discount rates.

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