FONTANEL celebrates Dutch creative culture since 2006. We're a small and passionate team of four people interviewing creatives, curating events and hosting a job board.

About us

Launched in 2006, FONTANEL started as a small blog and grew out to become one of the most popular platforms to discover talent, events and jobs in Dutch creative culture.

Our curation is based on work that speaks to us personally. If your work or event is not selected, it doesn't mean it's not good enough. It's just not up our alley.

We are non subsidised; our revenue is driven by our job board. We'll be launching a new feature for companies to reach and attract talent soon. Curious or interested?

Lastly, we strive to be an inclusive platform. We do our best to reflect and highlight the diversity of our community. If you think we can do a better job, we're open to suggestions or feedback.

Job board

FONTANEL Jobs is the leading job board for the Dutch creative industry. Agencies, brands and startups like Fabrique, Dept, G-Star, Vice, Blendle and Polarsteps trust FONTANEL to reach junior, medior and senior talent in design, development and management roles. Post a job or visit the job board.


Read our Frequently Asked Questions to get clarity on how to promote your event, post a job on our job board, payment options and more.


FONTANEL is a four person team. Rens is responsible for content and social media, Bobby for partnerships and sales, Willem for creative direction and Thomas for the design of the website.

Next to FONTANEL, Thomas and Willem mainly work on Homerun. Fun fact: we share our office with the Homerun team in the heart of Amsterdam.

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There's a chance we'll miss out on your work or event — as you know by now we're only a four person team. Have something to share? Please send us a message, we'd love to hear from you!