Variable font workshop with Typearture

Digital design agency GRRR and Neon Moiré organize a one day workshop about variable fonts, lead by Arthur Reinders Folmer from Typearture.

What will be covered?

  • Introduction: what are variable fonts, how does it work, what are the possibilities?
  • Glyphs app: how to create a letter, how to make it variable?
  • Creation: design one or more characters in Glyphs
  • Implementation: export to variable font file, set up CSS and HTML page
  • Playing: test and refine the variable font

What skills do I need?

You know how to draw in a vector based program like Illustrator, Figma, Affinity Design or Inkscape. Nice to have but not necessary: basic knowledge of html, css and Javascript.

What hardware/software do I need?

  • A Macbook(Pro)
  • A vector drawing program as mentioned above
  • If possible: a pre-installed version or free trial of Glyphs App
  • Something for making a lot of notes.

For Who?

The workshop is open to everyone interested in typeface design and technology.
There is a maximum of 30 participants.