Works by Cleo Goossens, Iris Haverkamp Begemann, Mai van Oers and Dagmar Stap.

Desert Modernism by Cleo Goossens

Inspired by the Italian collector Valeria Napoleone, who calls for the purchase of women's work, Fleur & Wouter Gallery presents a show with four female artists they believe in.

Photographer Cleo Goossens creates nostalgic images in which nature is central. As a whole, they form carefully constructed starting points for stories where you fill in the meaning for yourself. Her work is presented together with the photographs of Iris Haverkamp Begemann, who seeks her subjects in society. In her work she investigates prejudices. The exhibition also shows the series ‘Pink Tracks in a Dusty Land’, about a group of female truck drivers who drive through the Australian outback in pink trucks which are up to fifty metres in length. For the first time the gallery shows the paintings of Mai van Oers and the spatial work of Dagmar Stap.