Tim Enthoven – Repugnant Conclusion

A solo exhibition from visual artist Tim Enthoven at Fons Welters Gallery in Amsterdam.

Tim Enthoven (1985) is a visual artist who lives and works in Amsterdam. He received his MFA from the Yale University School of Art and a Bachelor of Design (Hons) in communication from Design Academy Eindhoven. He works with drawings, installations and books. Enthoven is a regular contributor to publications such as The New York Times, The New Yorker and Le Monde.

In Tim Enthoven's solo exhibition at Fons Welters Gallery he engages the ethical problem ‘repugnant conclusion’ with images of people, dogs and domestic equipment, some of them taken from personal sources. For example, in the large work ‘Repugnant Conclusion’ he visualizes the problem by using a diagram, which he constructs by using images that shine a different light on the issue. Enthoven complicates the idea of using happiness as a measure by contrasting it with alternative values like ‘uniqueness’, ‘stackability’ and ‘suffering’. He plays with these values by, for example, using printed images besides hand drawn ones, showing full compositions next to serene compositions, and by rendering objects in atypical materials. Moreover, by contrasting details with the bigger picture Enthoven hints at other repugnant conclusions.