Sonic Acts Academy 2020

The 20th edition of Sonic Acts takes its cue from inspiring artistic research with a special emphasis on experimentation and innovation.

Three evenings offer a rich programme of live cinema, progressive club nights and experimental concerts, including a number of world premieres, while the conference features cutting-edge emerging and well-known artistic voices.

Informed by the urgency of the climate crisis and approaches to new futures, the Academy is an open invitation to listen, talk and learn with one another. Fuelled by over 50 of the most exciting contemporary artists and thinkers from around the globe.

The first artists and thinkers to be announced for Sonic Acts Academy 2020 are:

Nabil Ahmed
Marja Ahti
Elvin Brandhi
Anthea Caddy
T. J. Demos
Hugo Esquinca + Yuk Hui
Maika Garnica
Jonáš Gruska
Terike Haapoja
Daniel Mann + Eitan Efrat
MÆKUR: Anton Kats + Maia Urstad + Eva Rowson
Kali Malone
Roly Porter + MFO
Speaker Music (De Forrest Brown, Jr.)
Philip Vermeulen