Kevin Rooi – Typomento

At letterspace, Kevin will share his work and discuss his project called Typomento, which explores his own position and identity as a designer.

Kevin Rooi works as a freelance typographer, designer and illustrator for a range of clients and agencies in and around Amsterdam. He was born and raised in Curaçao, relocated to Aruba with his family and finally moved to the Netherlands to study graphic design. His love for drawing and painting started as a kid and until now he has been fascinated by a wide spectrum of design disciplines especially if they involve type and lettering.

In his graduation project he focused on his identity as a designer from the Caribbean and how this makes him different from his fellow Dutch designers. Under the title Typomento (a combination of Type + Papiamento), he explores his native tongue and translates it into visual language for everyone to be understood.

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