FHK: THE GRID – Graduation Show 2019

Fontys School of the Arts Tilburg will proudly present a new generation of designers by virtue of the graduation show THE GRID.

Collaborating forces between the ‘Academy of Art, Communication  & Design’ and the ‘Academy of Architecture & Urbanism’ will culminate in a two-day graduation event at the Wagenmakerij (Spoorzone, Tilburg).

During the Next UP Graduation Show THE GRID, the visitors can experience and indulge in divers capacities of design. The manifold of projects, presented by young and talented graduates, question and reflect upon current and relevant issues and opportunities in a world of constant change. In a meticulous manner, they show us how design can lead to creation of new values, meanings and brighter futures.

Above all, the graduation show THE GRID is an attempt to persuade the visitors to step outside of their own grid!

The projects on display engage in an open dialogue with THE GRID, an imposed order contained by various and interconnected socio-spatial structures, patterns and rules. The Wagemakerij, with its impressive industrial characteristics and spatial interplay of modular lines, represents THE GRID: a historical legacy of entangled socio-spatial codes.

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