An exhibition and Afternoon Sessions in collaboration with Rietveld graduates of 2019 and Looiersgracht 60.

SELECTED offers the artists an opportunity to present and share their graduation works with a wider audience. Additionally, by inviting members of the jury, various artists, lecturers, teachers and audiences to join them in the exhibition space, the artists will develop a range of open Afternoon Sessions to share and expand their individual, and sometimes collaborative artistic practices and research interests. The programme will be communicated and documented throughout the exhibition and participation will be open for everyone.

Autonomous Arts
Jelle van Houten
| Fine Arts

Maria Nolla Mateos | Fine Arts

Qianfu Ye | VAV — moving image

Applied Arts
Necim Abiadh
| Architectural Design

Stepan Lipatov | Graphic Design

Yunting Zhang | Jewellery — linking bodies

Levi de Kleer
| VAV — moving image

Aleksandra Kwiatkowska | Graphic Design

Cleo Tsw | Graphic Design

The exhibition opening will take place on Sunday 27 October between 16.00h-19.00h at Looiersgracht 60. The Afternoon Sessions will take place every afternoon at 17.00h between 30 October and 3 November. Please note that Looiersgracht 60 is closed on Monday and Tuesday.