An exhibition by Studio Uncoated with installations, video works and photography.

Studio Uncoated is an experience design agency that collaborates with multi-disciplinary creatives and artists around the world to design tailor-made spatial concepts.

Studio Uncoated presents Regeneration:
Due to our current lifestyle, we sometimes lose touch with our self-awareness. Regeneration is needed to reset our perspective on life. Through art, we aim to share the positive discovery of introspection. How can we reconnect to our inner-senses to start letting our instinct guide us? What if we already have everything we need?

Studio Uncoated challenges these questions together with artists The Fabricant, Bruna Mayer, Studio Hongjie Yang, Daniela Schwabe, Marius Glauer and Mitra Collective, through a combination of immersive installations, video works, and photography.

Regeneration opens January 10th at 21:00. Entry is free.

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