Rebecca Fertinel – Ubuntu

Melkweg Expo presents the work of Unseen Dummy Award 2018 winner Rebecca Fertinel

I Am because We Are. That is the meaning of Ubuntu, how individuals depend on each other, take care of each other to become whole. In August 2015 Rebecca was invited by a dear friend to a wedding. There, she was introduced to the warm, unabashed approach to life of the Congolese community in Belgium and ‘Ubuntu’.

Fascinated by Ubuntu, Rebecca decides to photograph them when they gather in celebration. In these moments the traditions are the highest and the group identity the strongest. During the celebration she captures the ambience, the exciting and quiet moments of family gatherings in black and white images.

Rebecca’s interest lays in the relationship between individual and the group identity. In this photographic documentary she researches Ubuntu and the desire to belong to a group and maintain a group identity in a changing environment.