Piet Oosterbeek – Everything Ok Not Ok

Piet Oosterbeek sketches a twofold story about young people in Tbilisi, Georgia and examines how we interpret images from a Western perspective.

Oosterbeek photographed young people dressed in everyday street style in their urban environment. Pink hair, a man with an earring, tattoos, a woman with a nose ring; the images are reminiscent of a typical Western European street scene. These young people are part of a counterculture in Tbilisi, Georgia. In this former Soviet state, the Orthodox Church continues to hold authority over society.

Oosterbeek placed these young people, rejected by Georgian society, in front of the camera, to give them a voice. As opposed to the depictions of Tbilisi by photographers, tourists and fashion week, the stories shared in Everything OK not OK reveal the dark side of the country.

Opening: January 10, 18:00 - 22:00