NRC Night of Talent

NRC presents in Paradiso young, promising artists from the Netherlands and Belgium at the NRC Night of Talent.

The indie rockers Pip Blom, comedian Glodi Lugungu, actor Joy Delima, violinist Diamanda Dramm, spoken word artist Lisette Ma Neza and soul singer Jaouad Alloul will perform among others.

In addition to music, dance and comedy, there are panel discussions with young filmmakers, writers and visual artists such as Anthony Nti, Pete Wu, AiRich, Nadia de Vries, Frederick Calmes, Sven Bresser, Olave Nduwanje, Richard Kofi and Robin Ramos.

Prior to the Night of Talent, NRC brings 101 New Talents in the edition of 27 February and online. It contains 101 promising talents, selected by the cultural editors and external culture experts. With the Night of Talent, the NRC and Paradiso offer these talents a stage, offering the public the opportunity to get to know their work live.