New Print: Rutger Paulusse

Every month Kapitaal invites an outstanding designer to make and present a fresh NEW PRINT.

Rutger plays and experiments with graphic shapes, soft textures, light and space resulting in a surreal and playful universe. The results end up as digital art for illustrations, animations and visuals. But they also end up in the physical & analog world as products such as sculptures and screenprints.

During this NEW PRINT EXPO, Rutger will release some special new print(s) and a new sculpture that he made together with Coodre.

During the evening The Something Something will host the musical side of things with Will Oirson & Bas Dobbelaer.

NEW PRINT RADIO 14:00 – 15:00
Rutger Paulusse & Kapitaal talk about design, record sleeves and play their favo (mostly annoying) tracks. LIVE at Stranded FM

NEW PRINT EXPO 20:00 - 00:00
NEW PRINT(s) by Rutger Paulusse.

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