Modern Perspectives. Photo & Film Amsterdam 1920-1940

A unique exhibition about photography and film in the 1920s and 1930s.

Joris Ivens filmt Regen, 1928. Foto Germaine Krull

The exhibition offers a wide panorama of photographic and cinematic creativity. Original photos from 35 internationally renowned photographers and a selection of film fragments give a compelling and versatile image of Amsterdam during the interbellum period.

We see Amsterdam as a city of constant change, a modern city where life goes faster. Photo and film were the ideal media to show that dynamic. Photos and films can be seen by Joris Ivens, Germaine Krull, Erwin Blumenfeld, Eva Besnyö, John Fernhout, Mark Kolthoff and many others. It is an international group, including many emigrants and, relatively speaking, many women. They shared joys and sorrows and influenced each other in new ways of using film and photography.