Landscape as Cult

An exhibition that puts the people/landscape and culture/nature relationships into sharp focus.

This exhibition pits the Romantic experience of nature against the raw reality of cultivation. Landscape architecture is traditionally a historical analysis: a spatial design that strikes the right balance between ecology, biodiversity and culture. But what happens when instead of tackling the landscape horizontally you construct it vertically, from archaeology to satellite? What layers does it reveal and what meanings do we find embedded in the nature around us?

Jean-Baptiste Castel  |  Benjamin Earl  |  Fabrique & Q42  |  Tracy Fullerton  |  Grandeza + Bajeza (Amaia Sanchez-Velasco, Jorge Valiente Oriol, Gonzal Valiente &Miguel Rodriguez-Casellas, University of Technology Sydney)  |  Lodovica Guarnieri & Gabriela Baka  | Pascal Leboucq & Nieuwe Helden  |  Arjen de Leeuw  |  LOLA Landscape Architects & Piet Oudolf & Deltavormgroep  |  Next Architects & H+N+S Landscape Architects  |  Giacomo Nanni & Julian Peschel  |  RAAAF  |  Dirk Sijmons  |  Studio Marco Vermeulen  |  WEST8