Het Nieuwe Instituut Online

Due to recent developments surrounding COVID-19, Het Nieuwe Instituut is closed. Het Nieuwe Instituut Online is open!

Image by Mareen Mooren and Studio Moniker

Het Nieuwe Instituut has been forced to suspend an important part of its public function. The radical and disruptive character of Covid-19 for society, the design world and our personal communities has not been lost on us. At the same time, Covid-19 prompts us to reflect on how Het Nieuwe Instituut can be of lasting significance for our audience and supporters. We have an assignment, and we also feel the need, to provide inspiration, starting points and possible perspectives. As well as to give artistic assignments to designers, theorists and makers.

If our physical location can no longer be the focal point for many of our activities, then we will focus on our online activities. Our perspective will continue to be informed by the need for multiple voices, both social and ecological. The different topics will be taken in part from our own archives. After all, since the institute was founded, we have linked the role and importance of design to exactly those issues which are once again proving their urgency.