Getting Closer Fashion Festival

A festival where you can discover the world behind your clothes in your closet.

Photo: Lonneke van der Palen / Styling: Bernadette van Wijlen / Clothing: Isabell Schulz / Artwork: De Ronners

In De Wasserij you can meet local designers during a weekend full of open studios, workshops and talks. Have your favourite piece of clothing repaired or work in the maker's lab and discover how much love, time and craftsmanship is involved in making clothing. Buy unique items in the pop-up street, enjoy inspiring fashion films, go on a tour of the city, and find secret places for the best pieces.

With, among others, An.Nur, AnoukxVera, Ari Van Twillert, Berend Brus, Studio Dennis Vanderbroeck, Dame Fortune, Inez Naomi, Isabelle Schulz, Kukka design, Marlou Verheijden, De Seamstress, EIJK, Studio Markx, Mevan Kaluarachchi, Lisa Konno, Tegendraads, Yophi Ignacia and many others.