Emerce DARE 2019

The one-day event organised by and for future-oriented digital creatives.

What is DARE?
DARE is an event for future-oriented digital creatives. Central topics: cutting-edge design, new visions and ideas, interaction design, visual design and creative processes. DARE boasts a lineup of leading national – and international – digital creatives. The event programme is full of innovative and enriching sessions about design system, voice design, ethical design, multidimensional user experiences and – of course – digital design.

Who’s it for?
DARE is organised for a broad group of creatives: visual designers, creative directors, creative leads, UX designers and UX directors, designers, user-experience designers, UI designers – and service designers who work for agencies, communication and advertising agencies, media organisations, corporates, or who operate as freelancers.

Spread out over a minimum of fifteen session, leading creatives will update the audience on the event’s central topics. The DARE programme offers English-spoken sessions – a step toward an international DARE!

Amongst others this years speakers will included: Erik Kessels (KesselsKramer), Liza Enebeis (Studio Dumbar), Daniel Sytsma (Studio Kraftwerk / Isobar), Joe Chrisman (CLEVER°FRANKE).

Checkout the Emerce DARE 2019 event page to meet all the speakers.

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