Blind Walls Gallery Tour

Blind Walls Gallery changes the appearance of Breda through impressive and meaningful murals inspired by local heritage and stories.

Mural by Hedof, Molsparking, 2015. Photo: Ralph Roelse.

Since 2015, Blind Walls Gallery has been inviting national and international artists that draw inspiration from the stories of Breda. Before a mural is made, a lot of background research is done on the area or building. Most of the research is done at Stadsarchief Breda (city archives), but also by talking to locals that have lived in Breda for many years. The most interesting stories are sent to an artist, he or she will then create a design based on those stories.

From April till October, every second and last Sunday, Blind Walls organises a walking tour past the murals in the city-centre of Breda. Be aware that these tours are in Dutch!