ARTY PARTY: Photography Graduates Exhibition #2

The photography selection of ARTY PARTY is on display till the first of September.

For Melkweg Expo photography represents the driving force in the arts. Therefore they proudly present the second edition of our ‘ARTY PARTY: Photography Graduates Exhibition’. The photography selection of ARTY PARTY—the annual party where art, music and fun unite— is on display till the first of September in Melkweg Expo. ARTY PARTY scouts have handpicked each of these photographers from the pool of talented art graduates from all over the Netherlands. So don’t you worry if you missed the graduation shows. During the entire month of August, Melkweg Expo flaunts the most extraordinary and surprising photography.

Artists: Diana Gheorghiu, Larice Schuurbiers, Karlijn van Beurden, Maria Luiza Grymonprez, Naomi Jansen, Tobias Groot, Veronika Vidø, Victoire Eouzan