Alex Prager – Silver Lake Drive

The second solo-exhibition by Alex Prager at Foam is a retrospective of more than ten years of work by the American photographer and filmmaker.

Alex Prager, ''Desiree', from the series 'the big valley', 2008,

In 2012, the American artist Alex Prager (1979, Los Angeles) won the Foam Paul Huf Award for her series Compulsion. Seven years later, Prager returns to Foam with an exhibition Silver Lake Drive.

Prager’s work is cinematic, drawing inspiration from her surroundings, personal experiences, street photography, pop culture and film. She utilises a range of style elements reminiscent of early film genres such as film noir, thriller, melodrama and crime fiction. Women have frequently been the protagonist in Prager’s work, driven by emotion. Through the use of saturated colours and familiar imagery, Prager is able to create her own unique world where she explores darker topics in a seductive and unsettling way.