AGI Open Rotterdam

AGI Open is an annual conference for students and professionals organized by Alliance Graphique Internationale.

What is AGI?
Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI) is a professional association of the world’s leading graphic artists and designers, with 527 elected members from 43 countries across the globe. Each year members convene in a different city at the AGI Congress. Here, members meet in a spirit of friendship, curious to hear of each other’s activities, keen to debate the profession and learn more of their host city.

What is AGI Open?
AGI Open is the leading design conference in the world, held on a different continent each year. AGI Open brings people together to discuss innovative design practices and strategies that inspire a better world.
The conference benefits from over 1000 student and professional attendees from the creative and cultural industries.

Central to the success of AGI Open is that AGI members freely participate in talks and events that extend knowledge and encourage generations of designers.

AGI Open is a not-for-profit event. All members pay for their expenses and receive no fee for their participation. The funds raised are used exclusively to ensure that the AGI Congress (exclusive to members) takes place.

AGI Open goals
— We want to take responsibility as designers, and as humans, in making the world a better and friendlier place through creativity.
— We want to pass on this responsibility and trigger change.
— We want to awaken and inspire the creative mind.
— We want to share knowledge and know-how with peers.
— We want to facilitate intercontinental and intercultural collaboration.
— We want to raise awareness of the value of design and the positive impact it has in our society.
— We want to have fun!

AGI Open 2019 Rotterdam – IN PROGRESS
Nothing is finished. Everything is in a constant state of change. AGI Open 2019 Rotterdam embraces the unpolished, the unfinished, the indefinable, the research...
We are not a conference, we are a festival. One exciting day for exchanging ideas, talks, workshops, food and beer, and even playing ping-pong with your favourite designer! The festival takes place on a site with fourteen locations around a small square in the Rotterdam harbour. Together we will celebrate ‘uncertainty’. No one knows what the future will bring. In the meantime we make, we do, we think, we touch, we create... WE ARE IN PROGRESS!

With the philosophy that multiple, smaller experiences are richer than one huge mega event, AGI Open 2019 Rotterdam – IN PROGRESS breaks with the convention of a linear speaker line-up. IN PROGRESS is spread over 14 different locations all within walking distance, located in Katendrecht, Rotterdam, the Netherlands. This area was formally known for attracting home-sick sailors, but it is now one of the liveliest parts of the city. Each location has its own particular charm, from very intimate to bustling public areas.

Check the full programme here.